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Welcome to the number 1 resource site for the mobile game Nova Empire. Here you will find all kinds of information about the game. We constantly update the guides, tips and of course our Nova Empire wiki.

Beginners Guide

New to Nova Empire? Learn the basics. Here you will find a good overview to start the game.

Pro Guide

You already killed some pirates and leveled up your space station? Maybe you joined an elite galaxy? Click here for deeper insights.


You want an overview of all the ships, missions, admirals and so on? We provide all kind of data.


Modules give a boost to attack power, ressource collection and much more. They are like research but you have to find the modules in order to use them.


Events like "pirate invasion", "Kraken fracture" and "Galaxy War" do occur in a regular basis. We gathered all information about them.


Overview and stats of all ships in the game.