Beginners Guide Part 2


The fleet that attacks first (pirates) takes the damage. So make sure, you create a fleet that can tank. A good formular for the start is to be at least 3x stronger than ordinary pirates and at least 9x stronger than elite pirates.

After a fight, make sure to collect the ressources with your workships. You can extend your workship number by leveling up your spacestation and through reseach. When you fight vs enemy players, a random fleet will get attacked. 

When you recall your fleet while fighting, all ships take 10% damage and get destroyed if they have below 10% health.

Scanning planets

Try to always use your scan charges. They stack up to a number of 8. You get nice rewards through the deep scans. Do them preferable over night. After a deep scan you often have to choose between two options. The reward is different depending on your choice. Here is a overview of the rewards:

Scan guide


There are frigates (design), destroyer, light cruiser, battlecruiser, deardnouts. Each comes in three kinds of qualities – t1, t2 and t3.

You don’t have to find t1 fragments. When you can build a ship (requires certain level of the ship design center), then its the t1 one. 

T2 fragments drop from elite pirates. T3  fragments only drop in elite galaxys.

Use Frigates for tanking because they only cost minerals. Destroyer are useless. Light cruiser are good ships without alloy cost. Battlecruiser are good but expensive. Dreads are good but slow. Your earlier fleets should consist of mainly light cruiser and frigates for tanking.

Try to get kraken ships as soon as possible. This will boost your attack power.

Look at our ship section if you need further information.

Ressource gathering

Use the mineral / crystal / alloy spawns to gather ressources with your workships. Try to keep them running 100% time of the day. Don’t leave halb gathered ressources behind, because they affect the spawn rate of others.

General information

Take a look at our wiki for a good overview about all aspects of the game. Furthermore you can start with the Advanced Guide. Have fun!