Nova Empire Admirals

There are five different kinds of nova empire admirals. 

nova empire admirals colour

At start you have to use the green/blue ones, but you will get purple ones quite fast. The best (and rarest ones) are orange. 

The maximum level of purple admirals is 40. The maximum level or orange admirals is 50.

You can increase the chance of getting orange admirals by leveling up your naval academy. Yet they are still very rare.

The game designer said on facebook: “It (the chance of getting the orange admiral) is higher. Not a huge difference but some difference which will definitely help your chances if you plan to do a lot of refreshes.”

Nova Empire Admirals for tank-fleet

nova empire admirals tank

When you engage pirate fleets, make sure you always attack them with a tanking fleet to minimalize losses or repair time. In addition to that, pick your admirals with defense abilitys. In the early stages, armor/-fleet damage is a good combo. In the later stages of the game, you will try to get a dread-evasion fleet for tanking. Then you need an admiral to further increase the evasion with “Evasive Maneuvers”. Minus fleet damage is still fine.

Admirals for damage-fleets

nova empire admirals orange

Lookout for admirals with +damage to certain kinds of weapons. Cannons are good because of their armor penetration. Drones are good because of the hit chance. In general orange admirals are better than purple ones because of the increased leadership, the +28% attack dmg and the +7% incoming damage reduction.

If you get a good orange admiral, create your fleets around him. We gave some tips around that at our expert guide and ships wiki.