Nova Empire Events

There are several Nova Empire Events, that happen on a regular basis and some, that only occur once (i.e. anniversaire events, halloween).

Here is a list of known events with a detailed analysis

  1. Kraken fracture
  2. Intergalactic kraken
  3. Pirate invasion
  4. Galaxy War
  5. Endless War
  6. Galactic Investment
  7. Deep Space Trials
  8. Anping Artifacts
  9. Black Market

Kraken fracture

A portal to an other dimension opens. Once it is open, you can send fleets to it. You do that by clicking on “Galaxy”, go to the botton left, click on one of the entrances and on “Send fleet”.You can only send one fleet at a time (you should send your strongest one). After 24h or if any alliance holds the Kraken Ark for 6 hours, the event ends.

If your alliance manages to control a system, you get building rights for kraken ships (for 3 days once the event ends). Those kraken ships are stronger than normal once (t1, most t2). A detailed explanation of which system must be held to build certain ships can be found at ship overview.

It is a common strategy, that one server creates an alliance which always gets the ark. All players can join that alliance and fill their shipyards.

An alliance is only able to control one system (+Ark). All system are initially defended by small kraken fleets. 

Fleets entering a system, that is controlled by an other alliance take 30% more damage.

During the event, arc fleets spawn in regular systems and replace the elite pirates. They can drop building rights for kraken ships, even if your alliance does not hold a kraken system.

The events occurs about every two weeks and is announced 24h before it starts.

Intergalactic kraken

Same event as the normal kraken fracture but you do not fight vs other alliances of your own galaxy but vs once from other galaxys.

If your alliance somehow manage to secure a system, you get building rights for much stronger ships than the onces of the normal kraken fracture.

Pirate Invasion

Pirates capure regular systems and build their own headquarter. Once your alliance kills a headquarter and defends it, you get a strong benefits.

The benefits are varying and depend on how many headquarts you capture. You can get up to +40% research/building/collecting speed.

Hint: If you got a big upgrade upcoming (level 5/6 station, level 6 shipyard, … ), always wait for the pirate event. It can save a huge amount of time.

Galaxy War

This is the best part of Nova Empire. Your galaxy fights against an other galaxy. Rifts will spawn and you can jump to the other galaxy in order to capture their systems. The galaxy, which holds the most systems after 24h wins.

Few tips:

  • Let all Alliance leaders go in one Discord channel  to figure out the tactics.
  • The alliance leaders charge the tactics over the alliance chat by posting the coordinates. 
  • Never talk in Generel (spies)
  • Use speedups
  • You can avoid to break your shield (while attacking) by “Group move” on an other fleet.
  • Do attacks with this pattern: Jump -> Attack -> Shield while the fleet is moving -> recall after attack
  • Do not use Kraken ships for GW. They are to expensive to repair.
  • Do not sleep. Period.
Try to stack your fleets so enemy fleets can not intercept you.
Picture of galaxywar

Here you can see some galaxy war gameplay.

Endless War

You have to kill pirates and elite pirates to get rewards. Currently it is 2.000.000 pirates and 1.500.000 elite pirates in the elite galaxys.

Galactic Investment

When you spend GEC you get rewards. The rewards vary from event to event. There are seven stages. Starting at 500 GEC and ending at 60.000.

Hint: If you got a ton of GEC, i might be worth to wait till the event and spend it all at once to get the rewards. The event lasts three days.


Deep Space Trials

You have to solve daily tasks like “Use XXX hours of module speeups”, “Attack other players 5 times” or “Build XXX ships”. Depending on how you solve the tasks, you get rewards.

Hint: Always save some speedups for the event to get the maximum reward.

Anping Artifacts

The events lasts for several days. The counter of the tasks refresh every 24h.

There is a pool of high quality rewards. Once you obtain enough energie, you can try your luck and get a reward.

You get power by solving tasks like “Scan 8 planets”, “Kill 20 pirates”, “Collect 30 debris”, “Use 2000 GEC” or “Refresh the navy academy 10 times”.

Hint: If this event occurs, always try to solve as many tasks as possible. It is one of the easiest ways to get good items.

Black Market

If you disintegrate unused fragments you get “Dark Matter”. This can be traded for kraken ships, ressource collection bonus, ship building boost, research boost and much more.

Tormentor cost 1500 matter, Rupturer 3600, Ruiner 7500.

The event occurs randomly (can take quite months).