Nova Empire Guide - Beginner

After starting the game, you get into a random recent galaxy. The KI assistant helps you with the first steps. Here you find a brief overview of all buttons.

Playing with friends

If you want to play with your friends, you should check, whether you are in the same galaxy or not. You can switch your galaxy by using the item “Warp jump for new players” in the “Items” section. You can only jump once and only in the first five days / till level 4 of your station.


Level up your trading post first. You will constantly have too much energy to spend in the first days/weeks.  Station upgrades do not count for the building queue. So try to start station upgrades as soon as possible. Buildings in the higher station levels do produce more minerals / kristall / energy. It is useful, to build shipyards in the lower levels.

Possible Station layout:

  1. Space Station / Energy Plant / Trading Post / Shipyard
  2. Radar / Ship Design Center / Shipyard / Shipyard
  3. Research Lab / Auxiliary Space Station facility / Naval Academy / Shipyard / Shipyard / Shipyard
  4. Prison / Auxiliary Space Station facility / Trading Post x2 / Shipyard x2
  5. Auxiliary Space Station facility  / Trading Post x3 / Shipyard x4
  6. Energy Plant x2 / Trading Post x3 / Shipyard x2
Look at details to see which buildings are missing for a station  upgrade.

Before you upgrade big buildings, make sure to use the “Station construction boost for 300GEC”. If you do station upgrades, wait for pirate invasion event. Then you get a bonus of 40% (maximum).


Daily Quests

You can secure a good mineral, crystal and GEC income by doing the daily quests. Always refresh your naval academy five times. Always spend minerals five times to your alliance. The amount you spend doesn’t matter. There is always a quest “Use mineral/crystal/energy items 5 times”. Throughout the game you get tons of those. Save them for the quests. Do three legions. Scan X planets. 
By doing this you get massive rewards and the recruitment directives to refresh the naval academy on the next day.

Alliance and Legions

You can create or join an alliance. Alliance member will not get auto-attacked if you attack an enemy (like pirates) and they are nearby. You get a special chat -> the alliance chat where you can talk to your alliance members.

The most important thing for your development are “Legions“. You can do 3 legions per day. Legions give points which you can spend rewards in the alliance shop. Rewards are for example acccelerations, ressources or repair boost.


Alway try to do elite legions. They give the most points. Most alliances got shop rules. Stick to them or you get burned. By creating and leaving a legion (without starting it), an other legion will spawn. So you can choose the legion you want.

If you are solo do the 1-2 scan legions.

If you got alliance members around, do the “Kill pirates” legions, that fit your number of players. Try to even out the share by doing have of the task.

Nova Empire Guide Part 2

Now you can start with the second part of this guide.