Nova Empire tips - Pro Guide

You know the basics of the game so lets come to the more advanced stuff. We got the biggest collection of nova empire tips.


  • Make several designs for your tanking ship. This why you can send them step by step to your station and utilize the 30 minute free repair boost.
  • Ships shields load full once the fleet is at the station.
  • Send damaged ships to the dock and replace them with new ones to reduce downtime. You can repair overnight.
  • Alliance ships have a hugely bigger shield. You can use them or t2 frigates for tanking.
  • Kraken ships are only good vs pirates.They cost too much repair time/ressources for galaxy wars.

Farm Accounts

  • Make sure to get 1-4 farm accounts for ressource farming and legions
  • You can manage them on the PC with BlueStacks


  • Boost only apply if you activate them before you start the building / upgrade.
  • Negative energy income is not bad. You get enough by killing pirates and through events. Only 1-2 energy plants are enough (depending on fleet).
  • Do not ever use station defend module. They do not do much damage. Build shipyards instead.
  • Research Quantum Computing and Construction early to boost your research and station building speed.
  • The income of the higher tier buildings is bigger than the lower ones.
  • Wait for pirate event to start long upgrades.


  • Only do elite legions.
  • Use your alliance points mainly for speedups (15min, 3h, 8h). This boosts your development the most.
  • Use discord for communication. 
  • Do not be toxic.
  • Alliance structures can be destroyed in one click if you got the rank. So be careful who you trust.
  • Speak to the other alliances to create a good territory map. This is important for galaxy wars.


  • There is a trick, that if you Group Move on a friendly fleet inside an other system, you instantly jump there without stabilisation time.
  • For the first few elite pirates you kill, you get extra alliance credits (per day).

Elite Galaxy

  • Here is a guide on how to jump to the elite galaxy (if you got enough points and your galaxy is chosen).
  • Try to get around 13 shipyards. You get plenty of ressources.
  • Get as much Mass Cubes as possible. If you spend money on the game, buy t3 dread design. If not, farm the t3 light cruiser design. 
  • Use a station shield before you jump to elite galaxy. Often people try to burn others directly after the jump.
  • Scanning is not worth it anymore except for legions. Hunt big elites instead.
  • Kill pirates as your main ressource income.
  • Do not fight within your galaxy. You want to have as much fighting players as possible for galaxy war.

Nova Empire tips - Ship design

Look at our ship design section and at our ship overview. We got the best designs for all kinds of ships and purposes.

General speaking, Evasion is good on big ships, shields on small ones. Cannon and Drones rock until you get full cyclone.

Chart for weapon Dropp-Off vs different hull and armor.

nova empire tips chart